It’s hard to pick a good flooring option in a world that offers dozens of options. Not every option you have is good, and therefore we decided to create a short list of good flooring ideas. We won’t push the idea, and we will just lay it down before you, pros and cons including.

– The tile is the most versatile material when it comes to flooring. Hundreds of different types of tiles exist, including different sizes as well. The price of tile flooring goes between one and twenty dollars per square foot. Installation of the same is expensive, and you may end up spending hundreds of dollars on the work.

Pros: Tiles are very durable, and they are both waterproof and fireproof. They come in the form of different materials including granite and porcelain. The cleaning tile floor is very easy.
Cons: Repairs on tile floors are expensive. Tiles are freezing, and heating system for them is very expensive.
– Hardwood floors are prevalent due to the look. Installation of the hardwood floor will cost you between 4 and 12 dollars per square foot, plus installation costs. Using engineered wood will reduce the price.
Pros: Wood looks great, and it keeps the heat quite well. Cleaning is easy and fast (vacuuming is all you need).
Cons: Wood floors aren’t waterproof, and they can suffer extensive damage from standing water. If you install hardwood flooring in the room that sees a lot of traffic, you will need to refinish occasionally.

– Vinyl is one of the cheaper flooring options. The installation of vinyl will cost several hundred dollars, but the actual material will cost between one and five dollars. This is a viable option for the floor, but it doesn’t look as nice as a floor with some more expensive material.
Pros: Vinyl muffles the sounds, and you won’t hear every step someone makes in your house. Its low price is also an advantage over other materials.
Cons: Vinyl doesn’t look great. It isn’t exactly ugly, but you won’t wow anyone with vinyl flooring. Some more expensive vinyl options try to emulate the look of wood and tile, but they are still far from the original. Cleaning plastic isn’t an easy job.
– Laminate is very cheap material (0.5 to 3$ per square foot). Laminate also looks great, and the installation isn’t too expensive.
Pros: The beauty of the laminate is that it looks like hardwood. Some variations are so close to wood that it is impossible to tell the difference. Cleaning laminate is quite easy, and it is very resilient to damage.
Cons: The archenemy of the laminate is standing water. It takes only an hour or so for the water to ruin laminate completely.
– Carpet is the cheapest material for flooring. It does cost up to five dollars per square foot, but rather cheap installation (around 50 bucks) makes it a viable choice.

Pros: Carpet is soft and warm. It can cover unevenness of the subfloors.
Cons: Even though new carpets have some form of stain-resistance they get dirty quite quickly. Regular vacuuming has to be supported with occasional steam-cleaning to negate the bad smell of the micro-dirt that collects in the carpet.