Flooring styles change constantly as homeowners discover new tastes and new technologies become available.  With new and unique design trends appearing each year, 2017 is leaning more towards natural and sustainable materials. As a savvy homeowner, now might be the right time for you to upgrade those outdated floors and get a new trendy look. With input from industry experts, here are the best flooring remodel ideas of 2017:

  • Luxury vinyl flooring

For homeowners, trendy flooring needs to be both stylish and durable. In the past, vinyl floors had a reputation of looking gluey. Gone are those days as luxury vinyl takes center stage in giving your floor the look of a very expensive floor, minus the price tag. Luxury vinyl is one of the hottest trends for 2017 as it is easy to manage and comes in a wide variety to complement your style.

Luxury vinyl flooring is also durable and easy on the budget. It is designed to give the homeowner a soft feel when barefoot and is thus comfortable when you stand for long periods of time. It’s also warmer to the touch when compared to other hard flooring surfaces.

  • Laminate flooring

Laminate floors will give you the look of slate, ceramic tile or natural wood.  Laminates are not only reasonably priced, but also easy to clean. The good thing about laminate floors is that they are moisture resistant which makes them great when installed in your laundry room, basement or bathroom.

In 2017, laminate flooring designs come in cool, trend-setting designs motivated by nature, fashion, and art. Showcase your home’s authentic uniqueness with 2017’s laminate flooring elegance.

  • Vintage flooring

Vintage flooring is known to bring back the nostalgic warm memories of years long gone. In 2017, vintage white and black tiles are making a grand comeback. However, it is not the same old plain-colored tiles that embellish prominent homes. Vintage flooring now comes with unique variations, including smaller tiles with bolder detailed designs for the perfect look and feel.

  • Hardwood flooring

The lasting appeal of hardwood flooring is in its ageless look, durability and the value it’s known to add wherever it’s installed. Hardwood flooring comes in a wide range of finishes and styles to fit your lifestyle, budget and taste.

The beauty of hardwood floors is unparalleled. The lushness and charm of natural wood grain heightens just about all decoration and design styles. Hardwood flooring can be very expensive, but it is indeed an investment in its own right.

  • Ceramic Tile Flooring

2017 brings a new face to ceramic tile flooring style. Most of us have time and again relegated ceramic tiles to decorative uses rather than practical. This year, textured ceramic tiles are one of the trendiest flooring options for the daring homeowner. The textured ceramic tile flooring does not come with the usual polished sheen or glass-like smoothness. The tiles have been specially designed to mimic other flooring materials, in both look and feel. In 2017, adorn your floor with the ceramic wood grain, and you won’t tell the difference from actual wood when just looking at it. While just a simple tile, but it can be manipulated and shaped to produce an unending range of textures, sizes, shapes and designs. Its official, chic textured ceramic tile flooring is here. Do not miss out.

  • Stone Flooring

Take a moment and picture the look of stone in your own home: from the entrancing mosaic shapes, to the subtle veining, not to mention the striking combination of clefts and organic colors. It is now possible to have the same natural beauty of stone in your own home, all thanks to luxurious vinyl stone tiles.

With this classic flooring design, the homeowner gets all the advantages of true stone devotedly recreated through cutting-edge digital print technology and other advanced decoration techniques. Stone floor tiles are artfully designed to give a unique design that once your floor is complete, there aren’t any pattern repeats.

Walk across these floors, and you’ll realize that while your floor looks like stone, it feels more comfortable and warmer underfoot. That’s only one of the grand features you’ll love in natural stone floor tile. The good thing about stone flooring is that, maintenance is not really a chore. Get the grouted option for a more authentic stone look.

  • Linoleum

The modern-day linoleum provides a whole new experience when compared to that of the past. It brings a whole new image to your home: being chic, vibrant and environmentally friendly. Get your linoleum flooring as it comes in a wide range of colors and designs. If you are more of the traditional type, get the marbled patterns or opt for a graphic or flecked designs if you want a modern design. Linoleum is mainly preferred because of being made from natural sources such as limestone and linseed oil. This makes it biodegradable and best of all, anti-bacterial. Linoleum flooring style complements any decorating style.


In 2017, homeowners want flooring materials that have received special treatment to make them exceptional in both design and feel. Whether it is hardwood, laminate flooring or textured tile; buyers are on the lookout for new and stirring options. Fortunately, 2017 delivers on style, quality, diversity and so much more. The flooring in your home is one of the primary design options you have to choose from. If there’s any possibility that you will upgrade your floors this year, then consider one of the above flooring styles to complement your home.