Flooring is perhaps the last thing that comes to mind when you think about cheap ways to give your home a facelift. If you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your home and refresh tired rooms, just look down. There are unlimited ways to spruce up an old floor without having to break the bank.

If you dislike your floor, but are a bit tight on cash, I’ve got some good news. New floors are worth a lot, but they don’t have to cost a lot. Here are some budget-friendly ideas for upgrading your floors to achieve a whole new look without spending a fortune.

Stained concrete

Improving the beauty of concrete instead of covering it with carpet is quickly becoming the standard in floor treatments, with merits that extend beyond aesthetics. When flooring for a new home, a lot of things have to be considered including the budget, durability of the type of flooring, maintenance, and appearance. Stained concrete flooring is a modern and popular flooring method. Stained concrete flooring is ideal for homes and is now being offered in many colors.

Why concrete staining? Currently, there are many other options open to you in terms of flooring, for example, wood floor, tiles, laminates or even painting directly onto the concrete that is a cheaper and simpler option. But why opt for stained concrete flooring? Stained concrete has a unique feel of rich, deep, translucent tones. Furthermore, concrete flooring is eco-friendly and affordable compared to other types of flooring.


You may already have plywood down for your subfloor, but I am talking about staining, sealing and sanding plywood so that it looks like expensive hardwood.

Did you know that plywood was the first type of engineered wood to be created? It is made from fine sheets of wood veneers, called piles or veneers. Homeowners on a budget should consider plywood as a flooring option since it’s inexpensive and resistant to cracking, warping/twisting, and shrinkage.  It’s also very strong.

Peel and Stick Tiles

Admittedly, peel and stick tiles can’t hold a torch to ceramic tile, but when laid with proper precision and care, you can get a pretty nice look.

Do you love the look of slate tile but don’t think you are up to tackling the installation and can’t afford a professional to do the job? Or maybe the cost of slate or stone just isn’t within your budget.  Then maybe this trick is for you. There are several vinyl peel and stick tiles that are a good grade and look really nice.

Lath floor

A lath is a thin flat strip of wood that is used under tiles or roof shingles, on ceilings and plaster walls to hold in plaster, and in trellis and lattice work. These materials are fairly cheap so they make a great material for DIY floor on a budget. Do lath floors really hold up? Yes. They hold up beautifully with no spacing or warping.

Area Rug

If you are working with a small space and you’re trying to hide a hideous floor, you can always use a large area rug. Since rugs are far less of a commitment compared to tile or hardwood, there are only a couple of decisions you need to make when choosing one: which style, what size you need, and where to look for the best selection.

Area rug flooring is also durable and easy on the budget. It is designed to give the homeowner a soft feel when barefoot and is thus comfortable when you stand for long periods of time. It’s also warmer to the touch when compared to other hard flooring surfaces.

Oriented strand board

This wood is like plywood but made by mashing strips or flakes of wood with risen and wax. It’s at times referred to as flakeboard. Regardless of what it is called, it’s cheap and provides an interesting visual texture for a floor.

Pallet wood Flooring

While wood pallet flooring may not be appropriate for all homes and rooms, it’s worth considering as a flooring option. It presents a way to give your floor a memorable and distinctive look. Unlike other flooring options, pallet wood flooring can save you big bucks.

Did you know that over three hundred thousand tons of wood pallets are thrown into landfills annually? The pallet industry consumes around four billion feet of hardwood yearly. This is a lot of potentially valuable planks going to waste.


For the simplest of flooring choices, nothing beats the simplicity of floor mats. No preparation of the floor is needed, they’re easy to clean and they do a great job of hiding unsightly surfaces and imperfections. Since they roll over the concrete, installing them can take less than an hour. An entire floor covering could be more than what you want to spend on a tight budget, so you can always purchase smaller sized mats.


Let’s face it, nothing’s better on a cool morning than bare feet on a cozy carpet. Hardwood flooring may be gorgeous, but carpet flooring feels good and looks good. It provides quiet in an echoing room, adds warmth to a chilly room, and brings a distinct design to a Spartan room.

Carpet flooring designs come in cool, trend-setting designs motivated by nature, fashion, and art. Showcase your home’s authentic creativity with carpet flooring elegance.


If you’re on a budget and looking to replace a floor in 2017, consider the options above.  These materials are common and available almost everywhere are very reasonable prices.  Some people may raise their eyebrows at these kinds of flooring options, but it’s surprising how effective these materials can be while keeping costs down.